Calculating your Dwelling Sum Insured

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As a resulthouse eq dmge of the Christchurch earthquakes insurance companies re-insurers require you to calculate the sum insured on your house. For the time being the days of providing the square footage only are gone. Tower have reverted back to a square footage basis however there are only limited re-insurers so our opinion is that others will follow but a sum insured will underpin the premium calculation for re insurers.

Insurance Companies will calculate your sun insured based on the square footage provided with other factors such as location to derive your sum insured in order to  cover the cost of replacing your dwelling along with demolition costs and associated fees.


Your sum insured provided on your renewal certificate is without prejudice. It is your responsibility to ensure it is sufficient to meet the replacement cost and fees.

There are 3 ways to obtain this.

  1. Registered Valuation
  2. Obtaining a sum insured calculation only from a professional organisation.
  3. Self calculation.

Self Calculation

We can recommend the the IAG calculator as an excellent method to achieve a realistic sum insured. Go to and follow the steps.

Otherwise you are welcome to call on us and we will take you through the process.

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