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Farmers and quad accidents are headline news

Farmers and quad accidents are headline news

If you are a Business owner, Farmer, or Self employed tradesman we can help you get the best value out of your ACC cover organising a transfer to ACC Cover Plus Extra. Transferring to this plan is generally advantageous to business shareholders as opposed to your standard ACC cover plus. It costs a little extra in premiums but saves you money and time when you are most in need; in the event of an accident.

The main advantages are:

  1. An Agreed Value Cover. This means that you agree the cover required from ACC in advance. If you choose say $50,000 per annum then that is what you get paid should you have a claim.
  2. No Claw Backs. With standard ACC cover if you make a claim and it later transpires your income was not affected ACC can seek  repayment of any monies paid for income losses from that accident.
  3. No Proof of Income. With ACC Cover Plus Extra  there is no requirement to prove your income so no unnecessary accountants fees.
  4. No Wasted ACC Levies. You get what you pay for.  The rate is about 6% higher but we suggest this is far better than paying large fees with no guarantees  especially if you have numerous staff where a loss is difficult to prove, or you only recently started in business and have no income history.

Call us to discuss you situation and help analyse your best plan to protect your most important asset, you. What will your family financial position be affected if you loose your ability to work!!

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