CMIS pukekohe mortgage approvedBought a new House? Busy? Don’t like dealing with Banks? Let CMIS help with this process.

After an initial interview we can give you an opinion on the best way to proceed with your mortgage so we get a prompt approval and Letter of Offer.

What are the advantages?

  1. In 99% of cases we do not cost you anything. We deal with the broker division of the banks and we are paid by them.
  2. Most banks pay more or less the same rate to us so we are interested in looking after your interests first. If we don’t look after your interests and you don’t proceed we don’t get paid.
  3. We have a relationship with nearly all the main stream banks. Each has different policies for lending. We understand who can offer you the best deal to meet your circumstances .
  4. Some banks offer better rates and “offers” at different times. We know what each bank is prepared to offer for your business on any given date. We get you a better rate than you probably could achieve.
  5. We advise on the proper structure of the loan to meet your current family needs and cash flows.
  6. We collate all the paper work and then present your case in the best way possible.
  7. We organise everything so you meet your finance obligations on time if you are buying a new home.
  8. We can manage the property insurance at very competitive rates and issue certificates to your solicitors through our insurance arm so there is no ‘hiccups” occur to hold up  the release of your funds. Funds cannot be released without proper insurance certificates.


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