Our Guide for different type of Mortgage Structures

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baby pukekoheHello. You probably ask “What do we do for you that I cant do myself”. Mortgages and young families need careful planning to protect your quality of life. We can help remove the stress that builds up when you in the process of shifting homes. We work to find the best possible solutions too get your mortgage approved in a timely manner.

We ensue you select the correct structure to meet your needs when we are arranging your mortgage. After you have committed to an arrangement it is too late to make changes.  We will also make sure you get the best deal available. We know what is happening in the market as we deal with it on a daily basis. . The banks like to lock you in for as long as possible with various incentives that can prove costly if your circumstances change dramatically.

When you have young children it is not necessarily important to work on repaying your mortgage at that early time in your family’s history. When you have a young family there are more important things than paying an excessive mortgage, for example,  family holidays; your children’s education. You are more able to have a higher quality of life with lower mortgage payments so you can meet  these commitments. Family at this time is more important than doing what the banks advocate and struggle while trying to pay off your mortgage so the banks have less risk.

When your children get older and  your income grows and your children are self sufficient this is the time to make a commitment to make an inroad into repaying this debt before retirement sneaks up on you. When you children have grown your debt will be relatively small compared to the value on your home and as a percentage of your income.

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