You (and your business) face many types of risk every day. Some are inevitable, some manageable and some potentially disastrous. We can assist in identifying these, advise on reduction and devise a program to transfer the major part of the balance to insurers. No matter what the activity you are engaged in, protection against risk goes beyond the purchase of insurance. It takes experience and skill to identify the critical exposures and control them now and into the future. You will have a  personal advisor to manage your insurance program and our commitment to regular  personal service  to ensure you are making informed decisions regarding your assets and personal and family protection.


Ultimately, the test of any insurance program and of the broker, is the prompt and equitable settlement of claims.

We ensure that all claims are followed up on a regular basis from reporting to payment, and negotiate with insurers to determine that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.


Our position in the insurance market means that all clients receive the right insurance protection, at the right price, irrespective of where they are located.

CMIS is staffed by people who are familiar with the insurance needs of the  community. In the country and regional areas, for example, we bring our expertise in rural and supporting industry risks to the fore.



We build an integrated strategy tailored to your specific requirements. From insurance to risk management, to day to day consultation. CMIS is dedicated to helping you protect your assets, physical and human. Your insurance program will always be more than a collection of policies in a file. It will meet specific objectives, while at the same time providing you with broad protection at an excellent price.

Only first class insurers who have the highest integrity and strong asset—backing will be selected for your program.


Shopping for the best insurance deal on personal insurance can be time consuming and confusing. At CMIS we provide a “one stop” service by arranging superior protection at a competitive price. This includes cover for your :

  • House & Contents
  • Jewellery
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Caravan
  • Pleasure Craft
  • Travel
  • Other Assets
  • Liabilities



Premium payments can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly  freeing  up important cash flow.